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22 October 2009 @ 10:53 pm
Finally, an update..:)

So this is my first post as a non - Blue Heights member, but as a Blue Heights (and St. Scho) alumna. Haven't had any school paper involvement yet in college, although I am happy with my life in that school where the Blue Eagles fly. :)

Went to St. Scho earlier today, for some yearbook agenda. I must say, going back elicited pretty good feelings (although a while ago was not my first time to do so). Not necessarily the best, (or the worst), but the idea that you get to go back to the school that pretty much made you -- and getting to see again the teachers, remaining students, buildings, etc. that were part of your life for so many years -- thrilled me, and gave me much more than thrill once I was there. It wasn't overly joyous, but it was enough to make me feel more like myself again.

Last I've heard, Blue Heights will be having something like a coffee table book for its next issue to be released before the year ends, with selected literary and artistic content. Hm, interesting....

I'd love to hear from you, guys.!
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Music: Vincent by Don McLean