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12 July 2007 @ 08:54 pm
Glad that Shayne's out of the hospital. I feel that all eyes are on me without her. :)

I'm currently writing an article despite the fact that I'm a junior bombarded with tons of homeworks and projects more than ever - esp. now that there are lots of major changes in St. Scho (Shayne kept you alumnae out there updated on that thing).

Deadline for first ish articles: (read!) July 13, a.k.a. tomorrow.

Because you need to know...official list of editors. (Staffers next time. I don't have the list; no hard feelings, okay?)

Editor-in-chief: Joanne Sheana Baltazar
Associate Editor: Patrizia Paola Marcelo
Managing Editor: Feliza Mae Garin

News Editor: Bernice Carolino
Feature Editor: Kim Mendoza
Literary Editors:
English: Leslie Ann Corpuz
Filipino: Paola Reyes*
Entertainment Editor: Charina Quitoriano
Sports Editor: Jobelle Jocson*
Cartoonist/Photos: Charlene Coronel

Ms. Jayme
Mrs. Nasiad

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12 July 2007 @ 06:55 pm
Shayne's out of the hospital now. Thank God. I've been worried about her since she last texted me. She'll be going to school on Monday. Has to rest before facing "that madhouse you call a school." (-Vernon Dursely, HP: Order of the Phoenix)

Get well, Shayne.
08 July 2007 @ 10:41 pm
I texted Shayne earlier, asking whether Mrs. Dayag had already confirmed the team-building seminar date (July 14). After a few hours, Shayne replied that she had been confined in the hospital all week because of dengue.

Shayne dear, I hope you get well soon. Rest and try to eat a lot to regain your strength.

I'm readying myself to go back to St. Scho. It'll be like a nice little break after all the Socio readings and all the UP happenings. College has been too exciting for me, somehow. I just love it. :)

And of course, I'll be counting on meeting the new staffers and editors. Funnily, I've gotten rid of the phrase 'I can't believe that I'm...' Now I can believe I'm an alumna, and like Kaka and Jevic, I'm going to give a seminar to the new batch of Blue Heights writers.

Hrmm. I've been thinking of what to do during the seminar...
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23 May 2007 @ 06:51 pm
Hello, people. Former staffer from Batch '05 offering a late congrats to all the graduates, especially Ragene. Welcome to college! (insert daunting evil laugh)

Lame introductory remarks aside, I'm intruding on your community to plug our Ateneo-based student publication, KATIPUNAN Magazine. We're an independent organization, meaning we produce the magazine on our own. We're fairly new, but we've already won prestigious awards like the Catholic Mass Media Award for Best Student Publication, garnered local recognition such as several Raul Locsin Awards for Student Journalism, and made it as a finalist for Best Student Organization in the Loyola Schools Awards.

We've also interviewed the likes of Leo Oracion; Mike Defensor and Jovito Palparan for our investigative pieces; bestselling writers Jessica Zafra and Krip Yuson; journalists and broadcasters Chay Hofilena, Charie Villa, and Luchi Cruz-Valdes (among others); National Artists Salvador Bernal and Virgilio Almario...and I once interviewed Parokya ni Edgar while I was drunk, but let's not get into that. :P

I'm inviting all the Ateneo-bound graduates to apply for our magazine. It's a great avenue to pursue student journalism after Blue Heights. Everyone else, please keep us in mind in case you find yourself enrolled in the university in the future. :) Online recruitment is ongoing as I write (and you read), so if you're interested in applying, check out the recruitment poster and details I've posted here. You can also sign up during our official recruitment week by the start of classes.

I hope someone finds this plug useful and will look for our booth come the heady org recruitment week. Otherwise, you guys can always just contact me if you want to buy copies of the magazine. ;)

~ sarj
Blue Heights alumni
Katipunan Art & Lifestyle Editor
23 April 2007 @ 09:44 pm

Hey guys! :)

Just thought I'd let you know that I am now a certified published poet. LOL. Sorry kung mayabang ang dating, just sharing...

Anywayz, I joined in this poetry contest thing [ http://poeticpower.com ] and my poem was chosen as one of the high merit poems. Those high merit poems were published in an anthology and from there, top ten were chosen to be the winners. [ I didn't get into that though. LOL. Sayang yung $3 000. Haha. ]

Ten Worlds Apart

~ kim  (16 July 2006)


What’ll happen now, with ten worlds between us?

Will I ever get to see you, my love?

To see the captivating smile you have?

Will I ever feel like fired bazookas?

Feel like eagles in the air as you pass?

Will I ever be at peace like a dove

If you are not near me and I feel halved?

Will we get to hold hands like in the past?

Yes, I’ll see your eyes twinkling in the night;

I’ll see your face, ever so angelic;

I’ll feel your bear-like embrace, warm and tight;

I will hear your voice, as sweet as music;

I will hear your heart whispering to me,

“I love you the way your eyes cannot see.”

**BTW, this contest was all throughout Canada / North America.

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12 April 2007 @ 12:40 pm
EIC's sentiments of guilt and gratitude.Collapse )

To everyone, my apologies for the many typos and the double-spacing of some articles.

To Sheana, my Associate Editor (shanx_07), thank you for making the release possible. If it weren't for you, no one would have worked for the paper's editing and layouting.

To my editors, I won't remember the night (and morning) that we worked very hard for this issue.

To my staffers, thank you for the contributions.

For the whole Blue Heights, congratulations.

And to those who showed their appreciation to the BH, my utmost gratitude.

Going personal, and important errata:

Our Sports Editor's name is Ma. Bianca D. Perez, not Bianca Marie. The real coverage of the issue is from October 2006, not November (see the news on BH press conferences...). That's Hamille's hand on the front page. I think Aby's picture is prettiest in the opinion section (look at mine, wtf). Pages 12 and 13 are NOT Special Feature but Literary. Most criticisms on the general appearance of the paper should not be pointed at the editorial board but the printing press. Typos are natural occurrences in this world.

Copies for the alumnae (except Batch 2007) can be claimed from the office. First come, first serve. (That was not my idea. It's just that only thirty more copies were left for extras.) But for those who asked me to reserve the first issue, your copies are still with me, don't worry. :)

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11 April 2007 @ 06:26 pm
I'm welcoming Camille Amigleo to this community. Username is ellimac529. Camille, do post here and introduce yourself. :)

2nd issue to be released tomorrow.
09 March 2007 @ 09:28 pm
I just thought this would be memorable for Blue Heights Batch 2006-2007: Ragene's post about 03/08/07 online meeting. Comment.
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02 March 2007 @ 08:55 pm
Lyka and I thought we'd never have one of our own...

Till lunch time today.

Finally. After two years of heading the Blue Heights' 'tribute' for the seniors, I received thanks, appreciation and gifts from my staffers and undergrad editors.

Sometimes it could seem so amazing--it's as if my last three years were just a few moments ago. I could remember writing on the sashes for Batch 04, running around for illustration boards for Batch 05 and shopping in Blue Magic for Batch 06. I could still hear Xandra's scream, because I showed her a whole bunch of Legolas pictures. I could also remember the time Z and I walked with entwined arms while going to gate 7. And I can still remember Kwyn laughing because of the way we wrote that article about HP 6.

I'm feeling sentimental because I love both our batch and BH. Today was so special. My idols (haha) have long been gone, and I remembered them earlier today, during lunch time. I had a funny feeling passing everything to Sheana; I was thinking along the lines of never being a part of BH again.

But I'm proud of myself (esp about BH) for once, because I'm now relieved of letting my club go.

Time to move on.
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13 February 2007 @ 05:25 pm
Hi. :)
30 December 2006 @ 09:37 am
SSAM website: ssam.edu.ph. I wonder why faculty and staff won't load up? Nyahahaaaaaa. >:)
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08 November 2006 @ 10:01 am
I'll be fast.

BH is being printed. We are expecting to release it on Monday, but I am darn hoping it would be this Friday.

Needed: Ace's and Xandra's articles.

Any suggestions for the 2nd issue? I'm just a little stressed right now, so I need help thinking properly. I'l update when I can. In the meanwhile, text me, 09178472108.
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29 October 2006 @ 07:20 am
I don't want to be a nuisance, but I have to be. I just want to remind atsidas and xiel that the alumnae corners for the BH second issue will be due on the third week of November. I'm excited to read your articles--I miss you both. Sooo much.
23 October 2006 @ 02:54 pm
I said in my LJ that I'm not in the mood to talk about BH. But after serching for quality communities (see little_details), I took pity on this community which I once loved too much. I mean, nuns are nuns, and I can't do much about it.

I was able to talk to Ms. Cedo earlier this afternoon. She told me that Sr. wasn't pleased with the fourth layout we submitted, and made so many revisions, that the printed aricles looked like scratch. There's truly no chance that we release the paper in the first sem. OK, I find it somewhat humiliating to be given that feedback, because 7 of us (editors) were excused from our classes last Friday, so that we could work on the layout, and her last minute "favor articles". But as always, the nun said I'm detailed, so my eye bags are worth scratch.

A little bit too sarcastic, don't you think?

I'm really supposed to be happy. I just wanted to post that, so I can feel sincerely happy. Sometimes you just have to let things out.

I'm not really tired of hoping everything would go alright--I just think that fate shouldn't be too hard on us, and wouldn't go for fantasized conspiracy.

But Jerea continues to smile, despite these facts. Life's unfair, but it can still be beautiful, right?
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So Patrizia managed to post before me. I feel somewhat ashamed, I'm posting late! .. (Kidding!ü) Nah, I'm actually glad someone posted here. :)

Friday. All BH arrived in maong/jeans, so I had to give people two minutes to run and do their "needs", so the rest of the school wouldn't question our attire. Hmm.. Permit slips. I was going around, questioning everyone, asking if they had already given me the permits. 28. 29... 30? 30. Ms. Cedo said twenty-nine. We finally figured after ten minutes (because I went from person to person to ask if they had any failing grades) that one of us couldn't join, so she had to borrow school things from her classmates. So we boarded our coaster and L3, and talked and talked and talked. I love Lyka.

Kalumpang Elementary--I led BH all the way to the third floor, and gah, the registration line was still so long. But we went through anyway. After teaching my copyreading and headlining contestants what to do during the contest, I met up with my old friends in MIST and MSH. My cousin Claudine, who's the current EIC of Infant, was there too. Good, she went for Copyreading. I went for Editorial Writing. :)

Hmm, hmm. Talkies, doxology, swearing (Journalist's Creed, led by my first year best friend, Valerie Barcinal, who's now the News Ed of MIST), welcoming, attendance of schools, dances, songs, and all the usual things done in the press con went next. Then we were led to our rooms. Had a 15-minute break. Chat, chat, chat outside the room with Lyka, Valeria, K. Lacson, and everybody else. Afterwards, Sheana and I went into the exiled room, and waited for our proctor. We were asked to sit down alternately (my number was 9).

Write, think, blank stare, write, scratch, write again, stare at the green board, twirl pen, write again, write, write, write, sigh deeply, twirl pen, wait for the proctor to enter the room, pick up my bag and notebook, submit the paper, drop mouth (Proctor tells me, "Tapos ka na?"), say yes, exit the room, find Ms. Cedo together with PJ and company, laugh with Ms. Cedo.


We then waited for the rest to come out; among the last were Lyka, Krizelle Lacson, Krizelle Talladen, Patrizia Marcelo, and Charlene Coronel (this was expected, because they went for ::not in order:: Editorial Cartooning, Feature Writing and Pagsulat ng Lathalain). We took some pictures, then Ms. Cedo and Mrs. Adigue went around Kalumpang to hire a jeep. So we rode the jeep. And breathed each other's uniforms.

RP. Popeye's. Biscuits, chicken fillet sandwhich and (record!) Coke Lite. After the agreed-upon schedule of 2 at the main entrance, Lyka and I separated from the rest of the group and hit the stores. All the stores in RP. Or almost anyway. Many went to Timezone, but I really don't know where the others went. A few minutes after 2, Lyka and I went to the main entrance lobby with the Timezone group. People kept on eating candies... A few of us sat on the mall floor (record #2!) and I took pictures again. The guard told us to stand up. Oh, the shame. But anyway, our advisers came, and we rode another jeep back to Kalumpang. We loaded our coaster, and I taught our group "such an enjoyable game" called Signs. And I had to promise to allot one whole BH period for playing that game, because they wouldn't leave the coaster--addicts. :) Ha, I'm excited anyway. ü

Announcement of winners will be on the 13th. Since the teachers will be having their 3-day retreat in Tagaytay starting that day, only the contestants would go to Kalumpang to hopefully(!) retrieve medals and certificates. Afterwards--RP!!! :)

Hope that we win. I really want to win. I know I did my best.. Guys, just please pray for me.

--What the heck? Why am I forgetting my staffers? Pray for all of us who competed... The judging might be going on right now.
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06 October 2006 @ 05:24 am
so we attended this division press conference today at kalumpang elem. school. too bad not all members were not part of the contests..but i hope we all did our best. (or did i?)

we had our lunch at rp,and mrs. patrocinio and mrs. adigue let us roam around as long as we all meet at the rp entrance at 2 sharp. timezone and candy corner were the top destinations. the jeepney rides were bumpy but f-u-n, as well as on the way home. signs, signs! haha...

my fellow blue heights members, please continue this, ok? i'm way too reminiscent to pursue this ..the memories are just tooo good!
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22 September 2006 @ 08:39 pm
Am back.

The club meeting earlier this afternoon was rather enjoyable, although we did not really accomplish the necessary tasks (Board: layout, staffers: field work), but we were able to come up with a plan to train the newbies. Nice one for K. Lacson. And Lyka.

Am still to finish the headline, editorial, centennial part of the paper, the fixing of file names, and the layout (duh). And you know what? I think I might have a problem doing all of that here at home, because you see, my mom is anti-BH*, and she usually threatens to destroy all my efforts for the club by tearing apart the 22-page layout. So I might as well pray that she goes to Rancho tomorrow, so that I may be left alone in our house in peaceful silence with my BH work.

I still don't know why I couldn't finish writing this entry... Hmm. I'm starting to think I've forgotten something.

Oh well. So much for working like a real, professional journalist, layout artist, photographer, and expert pest to teachers who keep on forgetting to give me the needed pictures. As Ms. Japlos always said in my third year, "'Wag kang tatamarin, ikaw nang gagawa niyan lahat next year." She was right.

*On why my mom is anti-BH: My grades are currently dwelling in the dark abyss of 85 below (but not all of them), and she's complaining about it. She always tells me to resign from my position (Lyka, with matching violent reactions: "No! Sinong papalit sayo?"), but, asa siya. And she keeps on ranting I'm an underachiever in academics... So what if I've got that 132 IQ and am one of the two superiors in the batch? She's well aware that science and I are not friends at all, just acquaintances. And she knows perfectly well that I do not have the patience to memorize objective data in handouts; I am a too-liberal person, thank you very much. And just for the record, I'm not angry at my mom. We only shout at each other when things point to BH, BH, and more BH.
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01 September 2006 @ 11:52 am
To the best Scholastican editor there is,

I am so sorry for my trespasses (giddy smile). Time is making me rot into stinky little pieces. Hehe. That's just to say that I've been so busy, I haven't had the time to attend to you. Anyhow, I like your idea. Remember my tita's article? It's with Caren. You can use that. I'll try to ask her when she'll go back to Manila (having too much fun in LB). She forgets to give all my Blue Heights paraphernalia back. So, please use it!! That article will be a hit.:)

Sorry, but I have to plug in something. How much did it cost you to have our BH picture blown up and printed at UP? I need it for a project! I'm trying to scout for cheap and quality printing services. I have to have a poster printed. And it should be beaaaaaauuuuuuuutifuuuuul. Gosh, I hope you go online so we can talk. If I ever finish doing 1)studying for ES, 2)reviewing for a Math quiz 3) researching for Guidon 4) finalizing the printing press choice 5) making a decent blog entry (requirement) 6)critiquing my blog partner's entries, then maybe I can talk to you! That's how booked I am!! God (or maybe it's just self-imposed pressure). Gah. Ateneo is wonderfully high in standards and more wonderfully stressful.:)

the ultimately stressed